About Us

We promote and offer healthy lifestyle meal memberships, not a crash diet with empty results. A balanced meal consisting of lean protein, veggies and low GI carbs.


We rotate through all major proteins, veggies and carbs, to ensure a variety throughout the week, keeping in mind healthy with structured tasty meals.

We do not cook bulk, we cook per individual ensuring utmost attention to detail, focusing on your likes and preferences and avoiding all allergies and dislikes. 


All our meals are freshly prepared and delivered on a daily basis.

Meals can also be paused during a membership period, avoiding wastage or loss of credits, simply communicating with the chefs via WhatsApp.


Our nutritional commitments:

√ Free range trimmed poultry & meats

√ No preservatives or MSG

√ No Processed Sugars

√ No GMO Pulses/Seeds

√ No thickeners (We use properly reduced sauces)

√ Free range eggs

√ Oil-free dressings

√ Virgin Coconut oils

√ Light Coconut milk, low in calories

√ Halal & Kosher friendly

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since 2012

G6 Salt Circle Arcade, Woodstock, Cape Town

Tel: 061-026-9466


Free-range trimmed poultry and meats

Free range eggs

No MSG or Preservatives

No processed sugars

No GMO pulses or seeds

We strictly use virgin coconut oils

No thickening agents are used,

properly reduced sauces(Dairy free)

No irated spices or herbs


Light coconut milk = low calories


Halal & Kosher friendly